the team

a brave partnership leads to history

a brave partnership
leads to history

The Developers


The Prashkovsky Group is a public company engaged in the development and construction of residential, commercial, and business real estate in high-demand areas throughout Israel. Founded and managed by the Prashkovsky family for three generations to date, the Group became a publicly traded company in 2006 and has various residential, commercial, and office properties available for lease in Israel and overseas, alongside urban renewal activities. Today, the Group is considered one of Israel’s leading developers and contractors, enjoying consistent growth, financial stability, and an excellent reputation.

Across its decades of activity, the Prashkovsky Group has developed and constructed thousands of apartments, as well as commercial and office space amounting to hundreds of thousands of square meters. The company is also engaged in urban renewal and “Buyer’s Price” (Mechir Lamishtaken) projects in various cities nationwide. In addition, the Prashkovsky Group has opened a commercial division that initiates and performs business, commercial, and hi-tech projects in city centers around Israel.

The Prashkovsky Group is committed to supporting buyers and tenants at all project stages, from breaking ground to handing over the keys, while also meeting its own exceptionally high standards and adhering to the promised schedule. In every case, the company employs the finest engineers, architects, and other professionals, ensuring each project is completed using the most advanced tools, materials, and equipment.

Migdal Insurance

Part of the Migdal Group,
the Largest Insurance & Finance Group in Israel

The Israeli Real Estate arm of Migdal Insurance is one of the largest and most significant investors in the local property market. It is currently responsible for the management of some 50 income-producing properties owned by Migdal Group companies. The properties have a high occupancy rate and total approximately 700,000 square meters of office space, commercial space, and land, as well as around 14,500 parking spaces.

Migdal Insurance serves approximately 2.3 million private and business customers, employs over 5,200 people, and manages assets amounting to some NIS 255 billion. Its real estate activity focuses on major cities and stable markets notable for their high growth and demand.
Migdal Group companies own a long list of stable, high quality properties in strategic locations in Israel and worldwide, including government offices, buildings housing leading organizations and giant corporations, commercial and industrial centers, nursing homes, and more. The Group’s activities in the Israeli and international real estate markets represent a key pillar in safeguarding and building the savings of its customers while also expressing Migdal’s considerable financial strength.

The Architect

Moshe Tzur

Moshe Tzur Architects & Town Planners

The Moshe Tzur Architects & Town Planners firm was founded in 1978 by Moshe Tzur, one of Israel’s most widely acclaimed and respected architects. Smart planning and maximizing the value of each project have always remained the firm’s cardinal values, alongside enhancing public areas and creating a comprehensive solution that responds to every need: economic, design, functional, and quality.

Over the years, the firm has been privileged to win great publicity, professional appreciation, and dozens of excellence awards in Israel and around the world. Many of its projects are considered truly groundbreaking, innovative, and original in terms of their design, intelligent use of raw materials, and consideration of the smallest details.

The firm currently has 90 employees across two branches, in Tel Aviv and Haifa, backed by the vast experience accrued through planning more than 1,000 projects – commercial, business, community, academic, and residential projects of various scales and types, as well as urban planning and interior design. In recent years, the firm has specialized in planning mega-projects and towers.