the park

the garden of eden opens it's gates

the garden of eden
opens it's gates


The open spaces adjacent to MILLENNIA are the focal point for most foot traffic around the 1000 Complex. As leading real estate developers, the Prashkovsky Group and Migdal Insurance have taken the initiative to transform this public space into a green urban park of the highest echelon for the enjoyment and wellbeing of MILLENNIA residents, visitors, and the general public.

The park is a direct continuation of urban development in this region, as well as the entrance to the entire 1000 Complex, and includes ornamental pools, green gardens, and shaded sitting areas with some 120 trees. The total area covers approximately 7,000 sqm.

Landscape Architect: Yael Bar Maor – Landscape Architecture Studio

The park’s landscape design was inspired by the famous Avinguda Diagonal in Barcelona, one of the world’s broadest avenues, which cuts across the city diagonally (hence the name). An artificial stream meanders through the park, diagonally crossing the landscape and changing its course while simultaneously integrating seamlessly with the surroundings and gently flowing into a magnificent ornamental pond.

All around is an open urban area, including cafés, restaurants, lush plant life, sitting areas, and direct access to the bustling street. On the outskirts of the park is a special gathering area for local offices.

Home to cafés and restaurants, the MILLENNIA commercial plaza will start at the ground floors of the M1 and M2 towers before integrating naturally with the adjacent urban park as part of the special landscaping concept that embraces the building.

Separate elevators to
the commercial parking lot

1,500 sqm of cafés
and restaurants

Commercial level
eiling height: 6.65 m

3 facades: toward
the urban park, the main road,
and between the two towers

Extensive commercial areas
re planned next to MILLENNIA,
offering a range of services,
for employees benefit